Muses Code JS

Where and when:

On 16th of November, at Microsoft Reactor 10/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000 (map)

What it's all about:

We believe that any woman should try programming at least once in their life. There for we created a community where in friendly atmosphere with great vibe you can try programming first time or if you already code - learn something new about JavaScript and/or Node.js.

Our full day coding bootcamps are also a great opportunity to grow your network and meet new people with similar interests. Come and join our event for women with lunch provided.

What to bring with you:

On the day attendees will work on workshop of their choice:

1. Introduction to JavaScript - complete beginners level - workshop that will introduce you to coding and JavaScript (popular programming language) syntax. The format will be code-alone with the explanations in the tasks and help of our mentors. Workshop will be facilitated by Kate Ostrihonova, independent software engineer. No prior knowledge required.

2. Refactor React, facilitated by Inga Pflaumer software engineer from Next Practice. Requires understanding of JavaScript and basic React.js.

3. Advanced MongoDB + NodeJS, facilitated by Mikhail Asavkin product manager from Skychute. Requires understanding of JavaScript, JSON and general knowledge of databases.

How much does it cost:

This event is FREE of charge. With food and drinks provided. It is possible because of our generous sponsors:

Gold sponsors:

Kasna, CMD Solutions, DigIO and Eliiza

Silver sponsor:

Sourced Group

Amazing in-kind supporters:

Lookahead, Microsoft Reactor.

And we are also backed up by fantastic Thinkmill, attentive mentors and energetic organisers :)

How to get a ticket:

Simply fill in the REGISTRATION FORM, with few questions so we can better organize day for you.

Can I bring my kid:

Absolutely! If you have no one to leave a kid with - bring him/her with you. When you filling in the form put +1 next to your name, so we know how many kids we might have on the day :)

Can I be a mentor on the day:

Of course! Even if you are a beginner in Javascript you can still try yourself as a mentor with Introduction to JavaScript workshop! We also will hold a preparation session for mentors, so you can feel yourself fully prepared :) Sign in here: MENTORS FORM

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email us.