Muses Code JS

Where and when:

On 17th of August, at LiveTiles, Level 4, 24 Davey str., Hobart TAS 7000(map)

What it's all about:

We believe that any woman should try programming at least once in their life. There for we created a community where in friendly atmosphere with great vibe you can try programming first time or if you already code - learn something new about JavaScript and/or Node.js.

Our full day coding bootcamps are also a great opportunity to grow your network and meet new people with similar interests. Come and join our event for women with lunch provided.

What to bring with you:

On the day attendees will work on the following workshop:

1. Introduction to JavaScript - complete beginners level - workshop that will introduce you to coding and JavaScript (popular programming language) syntax. The format will be code-alone with the explanations in the tasks and help of our mentors.

How much does it cost:

This event is FREE of charge. With food and drinks provided. It is possible because of our generous sponsors and supporters - LiveTiles, community supporter The Hive, amazing mentors and energetic organisers :)

How to get a ticket:

Simply fill in the REGISTRATION FORM, with few questions so we can better organize day for you.

Can I bring my kid:

Absolutely! If you have no one to leave a kid with - bring him/her with you. When you filling in the form put +1 next to your name, so we know how many kids we might have on the day :)

Can I be a mentor on the day:

Of course! Even if you are a beginner in Javascript you can still try yourself as a mentor with Introduction to JavaScript workshop! We also will hold a preparation session for mentors, so you can feel yourself fully prepared :) Sign in here: MENTORS FORM

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email us.